Body Protection

  • Operating Gowns,SMS/PP material

    Operating Gowns,SMS/PP material

    urgical gowns are special clothes that doctors are required to wear during surgery, and the materials used need to have protective performance, which can block viruses, bacteria and other attacks on medical staff. On the basis of aseptic, dust-free and disinfection-resistant, it also requires bacteria isolation, antibacterial and soothing. As a necessary protective clothing during the operation, surgical gown is used to reduce the risk of medical staff contacting with pathogenic microorganisms, and at the same time, it can also reduce the risk of mutual transmission of pathogenic microorganisms between medical staff and patients, which is a safety barrier in sterile areas during the operation.

    Product certificationFDACE

  • Disposable isolation gown,Ultrasonic sealing technique

    Disposable isolation gown,Ultrasonic sealing technique

    Isolation gown is an isolation garment to protect medical staff or patients from cross infection. Isolation gown’s working principle is that protective equipment made of special materials is worn on the outermost layer of work clothes to achieve physical isolation effect. Workers, medical staff, patients, and the public are isolated from pathogens with possible pollution to protect personal safety. At present, disposable isolation gown has been widely used.

    Product certificationFDACE

  • Disposable Protective Gowns,PP/SMS/SF Breathable membrane

    Disposable Protective Gowns,PP/SMS/SF Breathable membrane

    Our disposable medical protective suits are designed to provide maximum protection for medical staff and patients alike. Suitable for use in a variety of medical Settings, such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, emergency response teams, etc.

    Product certificationFDACE

  • 35gsm PP Non Woven Fabric White Disposable Protective Coverall

    35gsm PP Non Woven Fabric White Disposable Protective Coverall

    White disposable coveralls are disposable protective clothing designed to be worn once and then discarded. It is usually made of non-woven fabric that protects against dust, dirt, and certain chemicals. This workwear is commonly used in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing where workers need to protect themselves from potential hazards. It’s lightweight, breathable, and can be used to cover the entire body, including the head, arms, and legs. The white color makes it easy to spot any potential contaminants, and the disposable nature ensures it requires no cleaning or maintenance after use.

  • Type5/6 65gsm Microporous PP Disposable Protective Coverall

    Type5/6 65gsm Microporous PP Disposable Protective Coverall

    Using microporous laminated pp as the main raw material, this disposable protective coverall has the characteristics of anti permeability, good breathability, lightweight , high strength, and high resistance to static water pressure.

    Generally, this disposable coverall covers the entire body, effectively blocks dust and stains.The design of  hood, front zipper entry, elastic wrist, elastic ankle, and wind resistant sheet shaped zipper cover make it more easy on and off.

    It is mainly used in industrial, electronic, medical, chemical, and bacterial infection environments, also suitable for automotive, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, and oil and gas operations.

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